Sir George presents Computers for Schools at Tescos
20 Sep 2000

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Sir George with Trevor Osgood, Manager of Tescos in Andover, handing over computers to children and teachers from Gillums Primary School, Icknield School, Knights Enham Infants School, Shepherds Spring Junior School and Smannell and Enham Primary School.

"I know from my visits to schools how essential computers have become; but how difficult it is to buy enough of them, within tight budgets. "Computers for Schools" helps bridge the gap, and parents, staff and friends of the schools have collected enough coupons to help a large number of local schools, five of which were able to come to the presentation. My thanks to Tescos for sponsoring the scheme for another year - and I am delighted to hear they will run it again next year."

Facts about Computers for Schools.
Delivered to schools nationwide since 1992:
* Over £62.5 million worth of computing equipment, including:
* over 42,200 state-of-the-art computers - the equivalent of one for every school in
the UK
* over 328,000 additional items of computer related equipment

In 2000 alone:
* over 500 new schools taking part
* 50% more local coverage announcing the launch of the ninth year of the scheme than in
* £8 million worth of computing equipment was delivered to over 22,000 schools, including:
* over 3,500 state-of-the-art computers
* over 65,000 additional items of computer related equipment

General information - 2000 scheme
* Tesco Computers for Schools 2000 ran in store for 10 weeks from 31 January until
9 April
* This is the ninth consecutive year of the UK's longest running schools promotion
* Customers received one voucher for every £10 spent in Tesco stores and petrol stations
(exclusions apply). Vouchers are then donated to a school of their choice
* Approximately 25,500 registered schools have received special packs containing a
catalogue, order form, sample letter for parents, press release and collection chart
* 29 Tesco stores around the UK released 999 balloons on I February to celebrate the
launch of the scheme
* Equipment will be delivered to schools in October
* In the Autumn term approximately 150 MPs will present local school children with computer equipment claimed through the scheme

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