Hurstbourne Tarrant holds Flower Show & Fete
14 Jul 2012
GY John Haverson Mark Bunce
GY John Haverson Mark Bunce
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The Hurstbourne Tarrant Flowershow and Fete survived the rain on Saturday, being one of the events that was not cancelled because of the weather. "Many congratulations to the village for carrying on - even if it meant buying four smaller marquees the night before in order to acommodate the Flowershow. It simply was not possible to put up the giant marquee".

In addition to the traditional entertainment of coconut shy, dog show and of course the flower show, was a display of sustainable beekeeping by John Haverson and Mark Bunce. "These are members of the Andover Beekeepers Association, but they believe in not collecting all the honey, leaving the bees enough to survive the winter without having to feed them with sugar. This has the effect of increasing their resistance against disease and, so far, their colonies have not been devastated by the current bugs." They also showed Sir George hives made out of corn stalks, which the bees feel much happier in.
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