Fairtrade Basingstoke reaches North Waltham
15 Sep 2012
North Waltham promotes Fair Trade
North Waltham promotes Fair Trade
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In January 2011, Basingstoke & Deane became a Fairtrade borough. They need to maintain this status and renew it regularly, by persuading more people to choose Fairtrade, more shops to stock it, and more cafes and restaurants to put it on their menus.

Richard Tanner, second from left in the picture, helped to organise a North Waltham trade fiesta, and representatives from the school, the church and the village trust met to promote the event.

The Overton Co-op took a stall, displaying the Fairtrade products which they sell, and a Fairtrade shop in Winchester, Oliver's Battery, were also there.

There was a Powerpoint presentation, showing how Fairtrade is helping South African vineyards, and another showing how Fairtrade can help St Lucia recover from the hurricane which destroyed their banana industry.

"This event was well supported by the village, and many congratulations to Richard and his team for taking the time and trouble to put it on".

Also present was local councillor, Diane Taylor, on Sir George's left in the picture.
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