Sir George welcomes Government policy change on Newtown Common
3 Oct 2000
Commenting on the Government’s decision to amend the law concerning Common Land, Sir George said he was delighted that the Government had had a change of heart. “When they voted down my amendments in the Commons in June, I was very disappointed. It looked as if my constituents in Newtown would have to wait year before they were protected from the excessive demands from Bakewell Management. The Government have made it clear that they want to change the law within a month; and that they want to help my constituents. That is good news.”
“However, their specific suggestions fall well short of what I was looking for. People will have to pay the sums now, instead of waiting until they sell their house. And the premiums they will pay for access to their homes are much higher than in my amendments. The battle will go on in the House of Lords until we get a deal that I believe is fair to my constituents.”
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