Sir George responds to constituents' concerns about the Government's introduction of a new Royal Charter for the press
21 Mar 2013
I firmly believe that what happened to the Dowlers, to the McCanns, to Christopher Jefferies and to many other innocent people who have never sought the limelight was utterly despicable.
It is therefore absolutely right that we put in place a new system of press regulation to ensure that such appalling acts can never happen again which is why the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister, and the Leader of the Opposition have reached cross-party agreement on a Royal Charter that will help deliver a new system of independent and robust press regulation in this country.
This system will ensure up-front apologies, million-pound fines, a self-regulatory body with independence of appointments and funding, a robust standards code, an arbitration service free for victims and a speedy complaint-handling mechanism.
The Government will do all of this without the need for statutory regulation. Indeed, the No Change clause specifically ensures that for generations to come government Ministers cannot interfere with this new system without explicit and extensive support from both Houses of Parliament.
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Next news: Sir George backs Headsmart Campaign

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