Roy Dykes meets PM and receives Arctic Medal
19 Mar 2013
Sir George with Roy Dykes at No 10
Sir George with Roy Dykes at No 10
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The Prime Minister, David Cameron, presented the newly created Arctic Star medal to local resident, and former mayor, Lt Cmdr Roy Dykes at no.10 Downing Street yesterday. A reception followed on HMS Belfast, which was involved in the convoy supply missions to Russia during World War II.

Roy Dykes was the deputy leader of the 16-year campaign to convince the UK Government to create the medal.

Roy said,

“We were on our campaign in the right way, we were fighting a lot of indifference from the MoD and that wasn’t right… The battle’s won, common sense prevails – it should have happened many years ago”.

Sir George Young congratulates Lt Cmdr Roy Dykes at No.10 Downing Street.
Our local MP, Sir George Young said,

“It was a real pleasure to see Roy Dykes at Number 10 Downing Street, before the Prime Minister presented him with his Arctic Medal. It was also very moving to see so many of his former colleagues, who had survived the dangers of the Arctic Convoys, and had come to the ceremony in Number 10”.

Sir George said that all those who were presented with their medal owed Roy Dykes and Eddie Grenfell a huge debt of gratitude for their tireless campaign to seek recognition.

The Prime Minister said at the presentation ceremony,

There are lots of extraordinary people I have met in this room in the last 3 years and lots of events I have been very proud to hold, but I can’t think of a group of people that I am more proud to have in Number 10 Downing Street. I am only sorry that it has taken 70 years to get to here and to say thank you for what you did.

This website on behalf of Whitchurch sends Roy and Eddie a heartfelt congratulations for winning their campaign, and also gives thanks to them and all the veterans for their service to the country in World War II, in some of the most difficult conditions imaginable. We are all in your debt.

Press Notice put put by Ministry of Defence.
World War II war heroes who served on the Arctic Convoys and in Bomber Command will begin receiving brand new awards in recognition of their heroism and bravery within weeks, the Defence Minister Mark Francois has announced.

Production of the new Arctic Star and Bomber Command clasp will kick start this week. Up to a quarter of a million veterans and the families of those who have sadly died could be eligible to receive the new awards in recognition of their unique contribution protecting Britain during World War II. Living veterans and widows will be the first in line to receive the new awards from as early as March.

Minister of State for Defence Personnel, Welfare and Veterans Mark Francois said:

All those who served our country in Bomber Command and on the Arctic Convoys deserve nothing but the utmost respect and admiration from us. That's why I am delighted that these special individuals will in the next few weeks begin to receive the Bomber Command clasp and Arctic Star that they have so long deserved.

I am also pleased to announce that the families of those no longer alive will also be able to apply for these awards in recognition of their loved one's bravery.

The Prime Minister announced the new awards last December and after extensive consultation the final designs have now been agreed. The Arctic Star will be based on the World War II Stars and the Bomber Command clasp, to be worn on the ribbon of the 1939 to 1945 Star, will follow the design of the Battle of Britain clasp.
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