Macmillan visit Andover
26 Apr 2013
Sir George with the Mobile Unit and Staff
Sir George with the Mobile Unit and Staff
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The Macmillan Mobile Cancer Information and Support Unit was in Andover High Street from 9.30am - 3pm on April 26th. "I very much welcome the visit of this unit; many cancer patients in and around Andover have to go all the way to Southampton for their treatment, and they welcomed the opportunity to drop in and get some advice from experts in the mobile unit."

Sir George was told that the mobile unit was very popular, not just in providing advice and information about cancer, but also in raising the profile of Macmillan, who provide such valuable service helping cancer patients.

“Below is the Press Release from Macmillan about the Service.”

We are pleased to inform you that the Regional Macmillan Mobile Cancer Information & Support Service (MMCISS) will be visiting Andover on Friday 26th April 2013.

The service aims to provide free information and support to anyone affected by cancer, without the need for an appointment. We deliver this service from a specially fitted out bus, which is staffed by cancer information specialists. We carry a wide range of information and resources including advice on benefits, care, and support, as well as information on specific cancers and their treatments.

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