Sir George meets Manuela four years on
10 May 2013
Manuela Wahnon GY Alie Paxton
Manuela Wahnon GY Alie Paxton
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Four years after Sir George first met Manuela Wahnon, they met again at the same spot in Andover behind the Town Mills.

"In the past four years, Manuela has worked tirelessly to make Andover a better place in which to live and work. She has gone round picking up the litter, but has also helped educate the public to treat the town with respect."

Sir George said he was grateful to Manuela for the work she had done in the schools and the work she had done outside the town. "Manuela has spread the message to Romsey and other parts of the county, and is going to Lee-on-Solent to launch their campaign to keep the beaches tidy."

"I am really proud to know Manuela and to support all the heroic work she has done over the past four years."

Manuela said

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank not only Sir George Young, for his support over the years , but of course Ali Paxton and through her, Simply Health.. The work that I do, has been made easier because of the co operation, and total, unstinting support, that I receive from TVBC, ATC, and of course the Environmental Services. I hope to continue working in our schools and with the young of our town, and throughout Test Valley."
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Next news: Sir George hands Motability Keys to Jo Wade

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