New Playground opened at Goodworth Clatford
2 Jun 2013
GY with Ailsa Wiggans, and Geoff Scard
GY with Ailsa Wiggans, and Geoff Scard
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Test Valley Brass
Test Valley Brass
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New facilities at the playground in Goodworth Clatford were formally opened in a three part ceremony. First, two grandsons of George Lloyd, who gifted the recreation ground to the village in 1935, formally opened the new playground.

The village raised £12,000 for equipment, which was complemented by grants from other organisations. Paul Doran led the initiative to raise the funds for this, and his role was complemented by Bob Houghton, chairman of the Parish Council.

After Tim Andrew, one of the grandsons, formally announced the playground open, Sir George planted an oak tree alongside Ailsa Wiggans, chair of the governors of Goodworth Clatford School. This oak tree commemorated the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, and was a gift to the village from the school.

Finally, Steve and Kim Morbey formally opened a zip wire, for which they donated £5,000 in memory of their son, who was tragically killed.

"Goodworth Clatford is an enormously resilient village, with 2 pubs, a fantastic school, a village centre, a new recreation ground, a shop and of course the Clatford Amateur Dramatic Society".

Sir George congratulated all those on raising the funds for the new playground.

Music during the event was provided by Test Valley Brass.

Letter from Paul Doran Vice Chair of Parish Council

Further to our earlier correspondence, I write to thank you again for the kind donation towards our fundraising auction for our new recreation ground facility here in Goodworth Clatford. The event raised over £6000 towards the project, and the first phase of the work is now complete.
The local community raised almost £17,000 in total, and with the help of the Parish Council and the S106 money available a the first phase of the scheme amounted to a total investment in the facilities of £43,000.
We have now secured grant from SITA Trust and Plain Action, to complete phase 2 which is focused on older children and adults with improvements to the ball games are and a new fitness area.

Press release from Parish Council

Playground is a hit with all age groups
WHEN it was given to the parish of Goodworth Clatford in 1935 its donor, George Thomas Lloyd, wanted the recreation field to give children somewhere to play, to be of use for the youth for football, and for older folk to pass a sunny hour or so.
He would have been a proud and happy man to know that not only does his legacy live on, 78 years later, it has just been given a whole new lease of life with a £66,000 investment in playground and leisure equipment.
“Today we are celebrating three events,” said parish council chairman Cllr Bob Houghton. “The opening and naming of the new playground facilities, the planting of a tree to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, and the inaugural run on the aerial runway donated by Steve and Kim Mawby.”
Tim Andrew, grandson of Mr Lloyd, accepted the invitation to rededicate the field to Queen Elizabeth II, renaming it in her honour on the anniversary of her coronation. Accompanied by his wife Ann, cousin David Lloyd, and sister Judith Andrew, he thanked the council and villagers for preserving his grandfather’s legacy.
“I am really impressed by the amount of work which has been done,” he said.
Sir George Young MP and Ailsa Wiggans, chairman of the govenors, shared the duty of planting the oak sapling on behalf of the Clatford C of E School.
On the other side of the field Mr and Mrs Mawby’s daughter Jinny waited patiently for them to cut the ribbon from around the zip wire before taking the initial ride. The apparatus was donated in memory of her brother Craig who died in a tragic accident in 1999, aged 15.
Cllr Houghton praised the enormous efforts made by Cllr Paul Doran, who led the recreation ground community group (RGCG), which made the dream a reality. In turn Cllr Doran had a list of people to thank.
“I want to make special mention of the tireless work Paul Gilham has put in particularly over the past six months,” he said. “Without him much of what you see today would not have happened.”
Cllr Doran also thanked other members of the RGCG, Jane Eastwood and Annelise Evans, and sponsors – Open Fields, The Clatford Arms, Giddy Wells, The Royal Oak, Chimflu, Hook Hatcheries and PGS, as well as the parish council, the parish clerk, the village club and all those who donated time or money to the project.
The children now have a brilliant choice of facilities to use, the youths can play not only football but basketball too, and the older folk can not only sit in the sun (when it shines) but exercise as well on a range of adult fitness equipment all year round.
“I’m delighted that we now have an excellent amenity which serves all age groups, and not just for people in the village but for visitors too,” added Paul Gilham.

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