Scam Mail Campaign
24 Oct 2013
A mass marketed scam is a misleading or deceptive business practice where you are contacted, often by letter, with false promises that you have won something. But the aim is to trick you out of money. Around 3.2 million adults in the UK are victims of scams each year, collectively losing £3.5 million. Some victims don't tell anyone for fear of being called 'gullible', and many are socially isolated, making them more vulnerable than other consumers. Scams not only cause financial damage to victims but also psychological harm.

As a result of increasing Scam Mail, Mrs Heather Wheeler, MP for South Derbyshire, has an on-going Scam Mail campaign and is collating examples of the letters that are delivered.

In support of this campaign, and to help protect the more vulnerable in our constituencies, I have a box in my constituency office at 2 Church Close, Andover into which we would be grateful if you would drop off any scam mail correspondence you have received. I will then pass these examples on.

For more information about scams, please see Hampshire Trading Standards website:
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