Manuela comes to Westminster
5 Dec 2013
Claire Perry MP Manuela Wahnon and GY
Claire Perry MP Manuela Wahnon and GY
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Manuela Wahnon, who campaigns tirelessly in and around Andover to improve the environment, went to the House of Commons on Thursday to attend an event organised by the Tidy Britain All Party Parliamentary Group. After Manuela attended the reception in the Churchill Dining Room, she met two of the local MPs, Sir George Young and Claire Perry, in Sir George's office in the House of Commons.

The campaign in the House of Commons called for a new approach to prevent litter being dropped, and collaborative support from government, businesses, local authorities and civil society to make it happen. At the event, the APPG launched a collection of 'think pieces' from leading stakeholders across different sectors, to provide ideas and actions to enable litter to be prevented in England.

"It was a pleasure to meet Manuela at Westminster, and for both Claire and myself to congratulate her on all that Manuela does in both our constituencies to raise awareness of the problems of litter, and to discourage people from dropping it".
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