Sir George takes an interest in pigs
11 Jun 1999
Sir George Young spent Friday morning at Tufton Manor Farm with local pig farmer Robert Bowden.
Mr Bowden briefed his local MP about the problems facing his industry, and Sir George agreed to write to Nick Brown, the Minister for Agriculture. “The British consumer has rightly insisted that welfare standards for pigs in this country should be high, and farmers have no difficulty with that. However, pig meat is imported from countries that have lower standards, and this undercuts local products. It is therefore important that the customer at the supermarket or butcher can identify where the produce was bred, reared and processed, and clear labelling is essential. Local produce will have the blue quality label which indicates that high standards have been observed.”
Sir George was told that the future of the UK industry was under threat if too many pig farmers went out of business and the industry ceased to be viable. In addition to writing to the Minister, Sir George will be consulting other MPs with pig farmers in their constituencies in order to raise the issue in the House of Commons.
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