Sir George meets Southern Electric Power Distribution after the power cuts
28 Feb 2014
Following the power cuts over Christmas and on the weekend of February 14th – 16th, Bev Keogh, SEPD's Head of Operations and Duncan MacDonald came to see Sir George at the House of Commons. The company is keen to ensure that more information is made available during power cuts, so that customers are fully informed as to when their power will be restored.

“Bev explained the steps that have been taken recently, and the lessons that have been learnt, particularly after Christmas. They are making good progress in improving information to customers”

“Anyone can download the app Power Track from the company's website and this gives real time information about power failures, together with the estimated time that power will be restored. In the event of future power failures, this will be a quick and reliable way of getting up to date information”.

Sir George was also told that, in order to increase the resilience of the network, SEPD needed access to land where trees with overhanging branches were threatening the supply.

“I very much hope that landowners will listen sympathetically to requests from SEPD to remove branches, so the community as a whole can benefit from a more reliable supply”.

SEPD also offered to hold a meeting at Dummer – and indeed in other communities - to see listen to local concerns. “Dummer was particularly badly affected over Christmas, and I welcome the offer of SSE to contact the parish council and see whether a meeting in the village hall would be of value”.

Sir George was also told of the facilities SEPD have made available, should communities be deprived of power supply for a considerable time.

“Catering vans will be deployed to such villages, in order to ensure that people don’t run out of food and other essential supplies”.

Sir George was also told of the list of vulnerable customers, known as the "Priority Services Register" (PSR) for example those who need dialysis machines, who will be given back-up supplies in the event of future power cuts. The company is encouraging anyone who feels they may be eligible to be added to the PSR to contact them on 0800 294 3259.

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