Noise mitigation measures on the A303 to wait until 2020
1 Mar 2014
Sir George responded to a consultation document from the Department of Transport about improvements on the A303. He specifically asked when noise mitigation measures might be made to reduce the noise generated by the road, particularly where it passes through Andover and Thruxton.

In his response, Sir George has been told that this stretch of the road is still in a safe and serviceable condition, and won’t require resurfacing until 2020-2021 at the earliest.

See letter below.

13 FEB 2014

Thank you for your letter of 25 January regarding the issues with traffic noise on the A303 between Dummer and Shipton Bellinger, and in particular the sections through Andover and Thruxton.
As you are aware, the way in which the Highways Agency manages traffic noise issues is driven by the requirement of the Environmental Noise Directive introduced into UK legislation in October 2006 through the Environmental Noise Regulations. The lead department for the implementation of the Directive and its regulations is the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

According to Defra's Noise Action Plans, two First Priority Locations have been identified on the Thruxton section of the A303. Enclosed are copies of plans showing the two locations identified. It has been recommended that the most suitable noise mitigation measure would be to install a low noise surface when the road requires resurfacing for maintenance reasons. These two locations are not included in our current five year programme which ends in 2018 as the road is still in a safe and serviceable condition. Based on the asset data already gathered, including the age of the existing carriageway, this section will not require resurfacing until 2020/21 at the earliest.

Should any accelerated deterioration of the network occur in the meantime, the Highways Agency would carry out repair work which involves using a low noise surface.

Yours sincerely

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