Lloyds Bank backs Local Organisations
27 Mar 2014
Below is an email I have received from Lloyds

"As part of our Helping Britain Prosper Plan, we’re committed to bringing communities closer together to help them thrive. Our Lloyds Bank Community Fund is one important way in which we do this and with this in mind, I wanted to let you know that nominations and applications for this year’s Community Fund will open today.

For the first time, our customers and the wider public as well as our colleagues will be able to nominate local good causes to invite them to apply to Community Fund this year.

Around 1,400 good causes in 350 communities across England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands are set to benefit from Community Fund this year with grants of up to £3,000, supporting projects and services that make a positive difference to local communities.

Over 2.3 million votes were cast for the 2013 Community Fund with 380,000 people benefitting from an award.

Nominations can be made online at www.lloydsbank.com/communityfund. Once nominated, each group will be invited to directly apply to Community Fund online.
Nominations will close on 30 April 2014, with applications remaining open until 9 May 2014.

I’d like to encourage you to reach out to your constituents to encourage them to make a nomination to take part in this year’s Community Fund programme.

Our colleagues will work together during May and June to assess and shortlist the final 1,400 good causes - these will be put to a public vote in September and October.

If you would like to learn more about the Lloyds Bank Community Fund programme, please contact me or our Community Fund team direct at community.fund@lloydsbanking.com

I will keep you updated on the shortlisted organisations in your community and in the meantime, please do encourage your constituents to make a nomination today!

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