Sir George Young MP attends Macmillan Cancer Support’s General Election campaign launch
7 May 2014
Jill Fenton & GY
Jill Fenton & GY
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North West Hampshire MP, Sir George Young, met with people affected by cancer at Macmillan Question Time in Parliament last week. He heard firsthand why cancer care needs to continue to be a priority for this Government and the next. The event itself was a chance for people affected by cancer to share their concerns and use their experiences to question a panel of politicians at the highest level.

Sir George met his constituent Jill Fenton, who had been in touch with him about the information available to constituents who either had cancer, or were exhibiting its early stages.

Ahead of the event, Macmillan Cancer Support published a state of the nation report showing that by the end of the next Government’s term in 2020, almost half of the UK population will have faced cancer at some point in their lifetime.

Wednesday’s event marked the launch of Macmillan’s General Election campaign which is calling upon all parties to commit to the following to tackle this looming crisis:

• To deliver cancer outcomes that match the best in Europe
• To ensure all cancer patients are treated with dignity and respect and that staff are supported to do this
• To ensure everyone at the end of life is given free social care to support them to spend the final weeks and days in the place of their choosing.

All these issues were raised by people affected by cancer on the day. By attending this event, Sir George Young MP is continuing his support for people affected by cancer both in Hampshire and nationally to ensure that people affected by cancer in his constituency receive the best standard of care possible.

Speaking on the subject, George said “Listening to the views of cancer patients and their carers is essential to delivering the best possible care and experience. The debate at Macmillan Question Time highlighted the great work of this Government but also showed that more can be done to actively respond to and address the increasing needs of cancer patients.”


Link to Macmillan Cancer Support’s General Election website:

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