Shakespeare at Harroway School
3 Nov 2000

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Sir George with the cast of Julius Caesar at Harrow Way Community School, where some of the Roman senators threaten him with the same fate administered to Caesar.
“This was a first class performance, with Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony being particularly outstanding. The pupils did really well to learn their parts and complete the rehearsals in a fortnight.”

Extract from programme written by John Baxter, Head of Drama.
“In 1994 when we first approached Phil Bowen, Director of Shakespeare Link through one of his collaborators, Rob Soulsby-Smith, few could have predicted that the ensuing project would grow and become a much loved part of the Harrow Way calendar.

The original aim of the Shakespeare Link project has remained constant throughout those years, ie to rehearse and perform a major Shakespearean piece of
work within two weeks, using half term for rehearsals and continuing in the twilight time during the following week and to engage with pupils in Year 9, working in lesson time to assist them as they prepare for their Standard Assessment Tests in English.
Over the years we have seen some remarkable work coming out of the project. There will be many who will remember Macbeth (95), Pericles (97), Twelfth Night (98) and last year’s glorious romp, Shakespeare’s Millennium. We are certain that this year will
prove to be just as memorable a performance for those involved and audience alike.
As always the rehearsals began on the Monday morning of half term week and continued through the week. The Drama Group have responded to the challenge with
the kind of commitment and enthusiasm that we have come to expect and the results will be plain for all to see in this show. It has been a real privilege to see the way they have grown and matured through such a short, intense period of rehearsal.”

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