Abbotts Ann holds WW1 Exhibition
2 Aug 2014
John Barlow and Geoff Dinkele
John Barlow and Geoff Dinkele
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Abbotts Ann have organised an exhibition, sponsored by the Parish Council, to commemorate the centenary of the outbreak of World War 1. The exhibition was displayed at Abbotts Ann War Memorial Hall on July 26th, and at the Museum of Army Flying in Middle Wallop on August 2nd and 3rd.

Its final display will be at the Abbotts Ann Village Fete on August 30th. "Tim Tayler and his team have done a marvellous job researching for the exhibition, and digging out some moving photographs of the village one hundred years ago. In addition to commemorating the First World War, the exhibition shows when and how some of the large estates changed hands, and also plots the rise and fall of Taskers, major employers in the area who began by manufacturing agricultural machinery".
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