Macmillan launch North Hampshire Nurse Appeal
10 Nov 2000

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Two local MP's, Andrew Hunter and Sir George Young, supported the launch of a £150,000 appeal for one Macmillan Nurse and Patient Grants.

With Sir George are Maria Truslove, a Macmillan Nurse at North Hampshire Hospital, Gordon Mackerell, Treasurer of Macmillan Andover Support Group - who has suffered from leukaemia - and Cllr Tony Hope, Mayor of Test Valley and Janet Hope, Mayoress on the right, outside the Wellington Arms Hotel


Macmillan Cancer relief is a national charity devoted to caring for people with cancer. We have established a whole network of cancer care services throughout the UK including day care and in-patient centres, more than 2000 Macmillan nurses in hospitals and the community, grants for patients in financial need, Macmillan doctors direct to patients and families through four associated charities. In Hampshire, Home care nurses have been working with GPs and District Nurses to provide pain and symptom control to cancer patients in their own homes. They also offer counselling to patients and their carers throughout their illness. Macmillan nurses are funded for the first three years of their work by Macmillan Cancer Relief and thereafter the local Health Authority or Trust bears the cost of the posts. In the past, Macmillan Cancer Relief has funded Macmillan Hospital Support Nurses in Basingstoke caring for cancer patients in the wards and providing a link to the Home Care Nurses.
The North Hants Hospital already provides a wide range of services for cancer patients, including out-patient facilities for chemotherapy. However, a need for a Macmillan Colorectal nurse has arisen.
The Colorectal Nurse Specialist should see all patients and their carers, diagnosed with cancer of the lower bowel to offer practical advice and emotional support. The existing Macmillan Hospital Support Nurses will still provide specialist advice and psychological support for people with cancer and their relatives from diagnosis onwards, ensuring a high standard of care is maintained.
In Hampshire, an estimated 650,000 people have been affected by cancer, which is a statistic of four in ten. One in four will die from the disease. Macmillan Cancer Relief has the vision for the future:-

Imagine a time when every person in the country has equal and ready access to the best information, treatment and care for cancer and where unnecessary levels of fear are set aside. Macmillan Cancer Relief dedicates itself to working with others to turn this vision into everyone 's reality.

The total cost of this project, including the costs of the Appeal is £150,000. To achieve this target, we shall need the help of individuals, clubs, schools, companies and other organisations in the area. All monies received in this Appeal will be spent on Macmillan services in this Region. Local people living in this area need your help.
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