Local Tories hold One-Day Conference
11 Nov 2000

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Sir George talks to Stafford Trendall who organised a One Day Conference for NorthWest Hampshire Conservatives at Beech Hurst in Andover. It was attended by over 40 people - see programme below.

"This conference has reminded us that we belong to a political party with values and principles, and it has given us an opportunity to apply those values and principles to the problems that confront the country. As we put the finishing touches to our Manifesto, your comments and suggestions will inform that process."

"The sessions have shown that we have an urban-dominated Government, that is failing the patient, failing the motorist, failing the farmer and betraying the countryside"


10.30 Opening Remarks from Association
Chairman, Col. C. Van der Noot

10.40 Session on Health
This session will take the form of a debate with contributions from the floor. If you wish to speak please let the session chairman know beforehand.
The motion will be: 'This conference congratulates the Conservative Party on its policies for the NHS as outlined in the pre-manifesto document but urges the party to give private health care providers a much greater role'.
Session Chairman - Cllr. David Drew

11.30 Session on Transport
This session will take the form of questions or comments to and answers from a panel of 3 interested parties:
Sir George Young Bt MP (Ex Secretary of State for Transport)
Ken Thornber (Conservative Leader HCC)
Phil Heath (Conservative Leader B & D BC)
Session Chairman - Eric Wilkinson

13.45 Session on the Countryside
Three speakers will each give a short introduction to their specific area of interest, followed by questions or comments from the floor:
Edward Dawson (CPRE)
Peter Clarke (NFU)
Nigel Burke (Countryside Alliance)
Session Chairman - Sir David Mitchell

14.45 Session on Europe
Two speakers will each put forward their view on Britain's future in Europe, followed by questions or comments from the floor:
Mike Pawley(Business for Sterling)
Caroline Nokes (PPC Southampton Itchen)
Session Chairman - Cllr. Terry Faulkner

15.45 Closing remarks from Sir George Young

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Next news: Macmillan launch North Hampshire Nurse Appeal

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