Amy returns to Andover
18 Feb 2015
Amy - the Mobile Chemotherapy Unit
Amy - the Mobile Chemotherapy Unit
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Two and a half years after the service was first introduced, Amy - the mobile chemotherapy unit - returned to Andover Hospital for a press conference, and an update on the progress it has made since the launch.

"I was delighted to hear that there are ambitions to have a mobile unit such as this in every county in England, and, having talked to some of the patients who benefited from the treatment, this is a very welcome addition to services for cancer patients."

Patients in and around Andover can have their treatment when the bus is parked at Andover Hospital, instead of making the journey to Winchester, which is not only further away but also where parking can be difficult. Cancer patients can also collect prescriptions from the bus, in those circumstances where the prescription has to be handed over by a qualified nurse, rather than a pharmacist.

"Inside, the bus is comfortable and well equipped, and many patients find it a more relaxing environment than the inevitably more clinical atmosphere of a hospital".

The bus is called Amy after the grandmother of Lord March, who was one of the principal fund raisers for the bus.
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