Dogs chipped at Andover Farmers' Market
15 Mar 2015
GY with Jinny Moggridge and chipped pug
GY with Jinny Moggridge and chipped pug
Dog being chipped
Dog being chipped
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The Dogs' Trust held a stall at the Farmers' Market in Andover, offering free chipping to dog owners.

"The Dogs' Trust were reminding people that, by April 2016, all dogs will need to be chipped. They were providing a free service and had many takers.

Having your dog micro chipped is one of the best ways to increase its chances of getting home. Unlike dog tags and collars, which can fall off or be removed, micro chipping is a permanent way of identifying a dog. The law says that all dogs must wear collar and tag, with their owner's name and address and telephone number on it. By April next year, the law is changing and all dogs must be micro chipped".

Micro chipping involves inserting a tiny micro chip the size of a grain of rice under the loose skin of a dog, on the back of its neck. This gives a dog its own unique code, and, should it become lost or stolen, this chip will be picked up by the dog warden or the vet. The micro chip can be scanned and matched to the contact details, which are kept on a data base. When a dog is chipped, its owner fills in a form to enable this to happen.

"It was good to see this service being available at the Farmers' Market, and I am grateful to Jinny Moggridge for explaining how the system works.!
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