Chartered Accountants lobby MP's
20 Nov 2000

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The Southern Branch of the Society of Chartered Accountants came to Westminster to lobby their local MP's. In front of Sir George, on the right, is Julian Lewis, MP for New Forest East and on the other side is Robert Syms, MP for Poole. On the far left is Syd Rapson, MP for Portsmouth and near him, carrying a folder, is David Atkinson MP for Bournemouth.
The accountants were concerned at the volume of Government regulations they had to keep up with, to do their jobs properly.

This is the Press release put out by the Society.

Hants Dorset IOW S.Wilts

4 December 2000.


The South's chartered accountants have pledged to keep local business issues in the political spotlight after a successful meeting with MPs at Westminster.

A delegation from the Southern Society of Chartered Accountants (SOSCA), representing more than 4,000 members in Hampshire, Dorset, the Isle of Wight and South Wiltshire, met politicians at the House of Commons to discuss local business concerns. Top of the agenda was red tape, and its affect on the region's leisure and tourism industry.

The accountants told MPs that hotels and restaurants were swamped with rules and regulations that required no less than 1500 pages of official guidelines. They provided the MPs with the results of the latest survey from the Institute of Chartered Accountants showing that the cost of legislation to small businesses had doubled in a year.

"The politicians were extremely receptive to the issues we raised," said SOSCA past president David Endicott, a partner in the Dorset firm Princecroft Redman and co-ordinator of the event which was hosted by Poole MP Robert Syms.

"Our members work with clients in all sectors, and in every size of business, across the South. They are extremely well placed to provide up to date and comprehensive analysis of the local economy and the affect that new regulations are having on local enterprises."

"We hope to be able to build on success of the recent meeting by continuing to keep the South's MPs informed on business issues. We are looking the possibility of arranging constituency meetings to enable local MPs to meet chartered accountants and leading entrepreneurs in each area.

"The majority of businesses in the South are small, with less than 10 employees, and their contribution to the economy and employment is vital. SOSCA will do all that it can to provide support and to press for conditions that enable them to flourish."

Press enquiries: Linda Findlay, ICAEW South, tel: 01252 716515.

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