Local Conservatives defend Hampshires green fields
20 Jan 2001

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Along with Roy Perry MEP (left) and Andrew Hayes (right)Prospective Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Winchester, Sir George was at Barton Farm, north of Winchester. "These fields are under threat of development, because John Prescott is forcing Hampshire to provide land for more homes than the elected councillors think prudent or necessary"

Speaking at a Public Meeting held at Winchester Guild Hall, Sir George said "Conservatives will abolish national and regional planning housebuilding targets. Discretion over local development will be given to local authorities.
We believe that the decision on how many houses to build should be taken by local authorities, not by the Secretary of State. There should be no binding national housebuilding targets. Regional planning bodies should be abandoned, or retained in a smaller form for co-ordination purposes only if local councils so decide.
We believe that local authorities are best placed to decide the appropriate level of development in their area. In two-tier areas, county councils should also play a strategic role in determining local need. Local councils will be responsive to genuine demands for new housing while assessing public concern about building on the countryside. This will help place a greater emphasis on less controversial brownfield development and remove much of the planning blight hanging over the County."
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