Ministry launches plans for airfield site near Andover
28 Feb 2001

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Sir George talks to Keith Bellamy, Director of Resources at the Defence Logistics Organisation of the Ministry of Defence about their plan for the old airfield site north of the Monxton Road.

"There will be some 800 new jobs on the MOD site, plus many others to be provided by the Business Park behind. This is very good news for the local economy, with a boost for shops and traders in Andover. Hopefully, it will bring nearer a new hotel for the Town. I was pleased to hear that, while many of those working on the site will be relocating fromelsewhere in the country, there will be some new jobs - including jobs in management which may suit some early retirees in the area."

stems from the establishment of the Army Technical Support Agency (ATSA) in
1995. The study, which was responsible for the establishment of A TSA, also
recommended that the land elements of the Agency be co-located on a single
site. Andover was chosen as the preferred location and the project was born.
The original intention was to let the project through the Government's
Private Finance Initiative (PFI) scheme. However, following recommendations
from the Strategic Defence Review in July 1998, PFI was no longer considered
appropriate. It was decided, instead, to pursue the project through a Public
Private Partnership (Prime Contracting) arrangement. The contract for the
ANSR Project Professional Services on 8 Jan 2001. was awarded to Citex Citex
were appointed the Preferred Bidder on 12 May 2000 and the contract award
follows several months of negotiation between members of the ANSR Project
Team, Citex and their Supply Chain. The project is one of the first MOD
contracts to be let under the Prime Contracting method of procurement. The
project comprises office accommodation for 780 civilian and military
personnel, Warrant Officers' and Sergeants' Mess with accommodation for 68
living in personnel, technical and sports facilities, Day Nursery for 40
pre-school children, Gatehouse and associated infrastructure and external
works. Following completion of the redevelopment, some staff from Woolwich,
Chilwell, Chertsey and Malvern will relocate with their posts to Andover.
Other posts that need to be filled will be advertised externally as well as
within MOD; they will be a mixture of managerial and administrative posts.
Clearly this is an excellent prospect for the local community both in terms
of employment opportunities and local businesses.

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