Sir George addresses Conservative AGM
23 Mar 2001

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A packed meeting at St Mary Bourne Village Hall heard the local MP, Sir George Young, speak at the AGM of the North West Hampshire Conservative Association. The meeting was chaired by the President, Sir David Mitchell; and by the Chairman, Colonel Christopher van der Noot MBE.

Sir David talks to Sir George and Lady Young, with Stafford Trendall, Deputy Chairman - Political.

"At Westminster,it has been a frustrating year. It is a disgrace that the Government have marginalised, devalued and undermined probably the finest debating chamber in the world."

Sir George went on to say that the mood at the House had changed in the last two days.
"A week ago we were told that, because things were under control, we could have a General Election. Now we are told that because things are out of control, we must have a general election – to reassure the rest of the world that the country is not closed.
In the last few days, Labour have realised that there is not just the possibility of things not just not going according to plan; but going horribly wrong.
I was speaking to an inoffensive Labour MP in a marginal seat yesterday, and I asked him how he felt. He said he felt like a pig living in an infected area. He was feeling fine and healthy, but he was going to be slaughtered because he had been in a confined space with the Labour Party."
"Blair dislikes three things. Not being in control. He dislikes taking risks; and he dislikes being disliked.
All three factors are in play. The virus not Tony Blair is in charge of events. Whatever he decides to do, there are now risks, with huge downsides. He is becoming unpopular, getting a hostile reception in Cumbria."
Looking ahead to the General Election Sir George said
"Yes, we will be attacking the Government. It is a cynical, unprincipled, arrogant and irresponsible Government
But we need to be positive. We are the party that will look after the Countryside and protect it from overdevelopment. We will strengthen the constitution, put Parliament at the centre rather than the margin of the nation’s affairs; rebalance the position of England within a fairer constitutional settlement; defend our independence from further encroachment by Europe; keep the pound; stabilise our finances and keep public expenditure under control; we will have a robust policy for bogus asylum seekers; we will deregulate our wealth creators; Rebuild the numbers of our police; free our teachers from Whitehall control and red tape; harness the independent sector of medicine for the good of everyone.
We will re-awaken the appetite for the conservative party. We will show those that have written us off that they are wrong. We will surprise the pundits – we will even surprise ourselves. But I know that we can do it."

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