Guide Dogs come to Westminster
28 Mar 2001

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A Reception at the House of Commons celebrated the introduction of Section 37 of the
Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) which comes into force on 31 st March
requiring taxis to carry quide doqs and other assistance dogs.

Sir George met Guide Dog Owners, Trustees and
members of staff from the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association.
"This publicised their work and the fact that
accessible transport is vital for blind and partially sighted people to live
their lives with independence, dignity and freedom."

The reception focussed on the work carried out by Guide Dogs during
the 'Access for All' campaign, which encourages local
authorities to amend their licensing laws for private hire vehicles
[minicabs] which currently fall outside the law. "They have been in
contact with councils throughout the country and at this point over 140 have
amended their license conditions to include the clause below or similar.

'Private Hire Vehicles must carry a guide dog or assistance dog belonging to
a passenger, free of charge, unless the driver has a proven medical
condition that would preclude such action. Drivers have a responsibility to
ensure that their company is aware of such a condition when they are first
employed. "

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