New planning policy threatens High Street
28 Mar 2001
Commenting on the publication of new Planning and Policy Guidance on retailing and transport, Sir George said:
"Labour is planning to increase charges in public car parks while allowing more building on Green Belt land. Their policies could undermine the viability of town centres such as Andover.
"Labour talk about helping town centres, but they say one thing and do another. Labour are already introducing new taxes to drive in town centres and to park at work, forcing businesses away from towns. Now, they are calling for higher parking charges and fewer car parking spaces near our high streets.
"The only area where they do want more parking spaces is for park and ride schemes on Green Belt land. The Government is already reviewing the Green Belt via regional planning guidance, and giving permission for new motorway service stations on Green Belt, such as in the Meriden Gap near Birmingham. Now John Prescott has given the green light for yet more greenfield destruction.
"Labour's plans will undermine our local high streets, fuelling the exodus of businesses and residents from our towns and cities. Labour are destroying rather than protecting our green spaces.
"I want to see more parking spaces in our towns on brownfield land near transport interchanges. We will abolish Labour's new taxes, stop parking charges rising by stealth, and protect our Green Belt."
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