Ordnance Survey launch Election website
1 May 2001

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Three MP's helped to launch the Ordnance Survey's Election Website at the Government Computer Exhibition 2001 at the Building Design Centre. Sir George joined Paddy Tipping MP - Deputy Leader of the House and a Labour MP (left), Vanessa Lawrence - Directror General of Ordnance Survey - and Don Foster - LibDem MP for Bath - (right) to launch the site.
"Ordnance Survey want to support the democratic process in this country and have designed a website which will help candidates, their agents and canvassers plan how to deploy their teams. The maps, which can be printed out, show constituency boundaries and ward boundaries, and one can drill down to individual streets. By showing where the houses are, you can plan a more effective canvass than one based on the electoral register, which doesn't show how the streets in a ward relate to each other."
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