Sir George looks at parking problem at Overton Primary School
4 May 2001

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Along with Ian Tilbury, a member of Overton Parish Council, Sir George looks at the parking problems outside Overton Primary School.
"The school is outside the village at the top of a hill. I was impressed by the numbers of parents and grandparents who walk to collect the children - often a mile or more. But a substantial number come by car - often because they are coming from work. When it rains, the stretch of land I stood on becomes a quagmire. There is a debate about whether it should have a more durable surface; or whether the money should be spent elsewhere and greater effort made to encourage car-sharing and walking. In an ideal world, more people would walk to school but I doubt if that would significantly reduce the large volume of cars outside the school. Subject to the cost being reasonable and not coming out of the school or parish council budget, I would be prepared to support a more durable surface."
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