Boris Johnson MP addresses North West Hants Tories
22 Jun 2001

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Speaking at a supper organised by the Conservative Political Forum at the home of Cllr John Clegg, Boris Johnson, MP for Henley (left, with Sir George and CPF Chairman Stafford Trendall said the Conservatives should focus on their task of opposing the Government and holding it to account. "The Government will deserve to lose if they don't live up to people's expectations in this Parliament. We must pin them down on how they propose to define their own success."
Boris Johnson described his first few days in the House, and set out the qualities that should be displayed by the new Leader. "He should be capable of inspiring us, and defining what the Conservative party should be by the next election. He must develop themes that strike a chord with people. We must remain at the centre/centre right of politics; we should elbow Tony Blair out of the space he has taken from us."
The event was a sell-out, with a waiting list for tickets.
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