Sir George visits Abbeyfield Andover
22 Jun 2001

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At the invitation of Lt Col David Kruger, Chairman of The Abbeyfield (Andover) Society Ltd, Sir George visited the Abbeyfield home at Silchester Close, Andover. He shared a cup of tea with Nancy Clarke (left) and Dorothy Higginbotham (right) - both in their 90's and happy Abbeyfield residents.
"There was a very friendly atmosphere at Abbeyfield, where there are two vacancies at the moment. This would suit people who want companionship and security, but who still value their own independence. At just over £100 per week, including meals, it is astonishing good value."
Sir George met the local Committee, together with representatives from the Abbeyfield Regional Office. "Abbeyfield is run locally by volunteers, who have to work quite hard to fill in all the forms and manage changes in personnel."
The new housekeeper is Pauline Goodridge, who is settling in to the bungalow attached to the home.

In Andover it comprises of 10 residents, who have their own bed-sitting room with an enclosed wash basin and storage facilities.
Electric power points for residents to use their own electric kettles and toasters. There are adequate electric points for extra lighting and television.
The rooms are unfurnished so that residents can bring familiar furniture with them.
Three bathrooms, two shower rooms and toilets are shared. Laundry facilities are provided.
A lift is installed and double glazing exists throughout.
Residents are responsible for looking after their rooms. Telephones are available subject to British Telecom regulations. These are paid for separately~ as is the shared television licence.
The resident housekeeper is employed to act as an adviser and friend and to foster a family atmosphere in the house. She will handle the day to day running of the house and will prepare two main meals each day served in the communal dining room.
In the event of a resident falling ill a doctor or relation will be contacted. There are no nursing facilities available.
The residents will be single, over retirement age, who, though fit for their age, would prefer living in a home with the companionship of others and the support of a housekeeper.
Residents must be able to look after themselves and their doctor will be asked to confirm that they are in reasonable health both mentally and physically.
Residents have their own keys to the house door and their own room. They are free to come and go as they please and to have friends in to visit.
When selecting residents the local Abbeyfield Committee will seek to maintain a balance of men and women.
Applicants are interviewed prior to consideration for allocation.
Rent is payable on the first of the month, by standing order if one wishes.
There are no other charges, e.g. gas, electricity, water, council tax or housekeeping, to worry about.
Free tokens are available for public transport or taxis.

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