Penton holds Summer Fete
24 Jun 2001

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Sir George's home village - Penton Mewsey - linked up with neighbouring Penton Grafton to hold Penton Fete - a seven star event.

"Geoff Townson and his team did a sensational job in organising the most successful Penton fete I can remember - the scale was more ambitious than before."

Lady Young judged the Fancy Dress, after a procession from St Benedicts School.


* Fete is Joint Project: Penton Recreational Centre & Holy Trinity Church

* Planning began in February - Team of 10

* Three-Fold Purpose:
o To Foster Community Spirit - Involve Everyone
o To Raise Money - Community Facilities, Church & Charity
o To Have Fun - All Generations

* Community Involvement Today includes:
o Arts & Crafts Groups (Penton Players, Penton Painters)
o Charities
o Farms
o Individuals
o Parish Councils
o Pubs (White Hart, Bell/Harvester)
o Riding Schools
o Schools (St B's, Hatherden, Montessori)
o Sports Clubs (Tennis, Cricket)
o Sponsors - Local Businesses & Individuals

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