Sir George will declare support for Tory Leader next week
26 Jun 2001
Sir George Young has asked the North West Hampshire Conservative Association to hold a meeting of activists next Monday (July 2nd) on the future of the Party.
"Who leads the Party is a vital question. But there are several other questions that need to be asked first? What sort of a Party are we? How do we broaden the base of our membership and support? What are the lessons to be learned from the last General Election? What are the changes to be made so we go into the next election with a real chance of winning?
I would have liked more time to answer these questions with my supporters, before deciding who should lead the sort of Party we want to see. But we don't have that time. I propose to announce whom I shall support on Tuesday morning, after I have listened to the views of my supporters."
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Next news: Ken Clarke enters the leadership stakes

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