Ramsdell Tories hold Hog Roast
6 Jul 2001

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Over a hundred local supporters came to the Ramsdell Hog Roast, hosted by Mr and Mrs James Shelley - Jim Shelley (right) is with Sir George, Jason and the hog, before the Conservative Party consumed it.

Thanking his supporters for their hard owrk during the recent election, Sir George made a plea for the Conservative Party to adopt the theme of simplification over the years ahead.
"This Government is making life more complicated; whether you are a pensioner applying for Income Support, a taxpayer completing a tax return, a Head Teacher managing 34 different types of grant for the school, a GP filling in all the forms for the Department of Health, bureaucracy is getting out of control. It is getting in the way of the things that really matter - delivery of quality services."
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