Highclere Tories hold Barbecue
23 Jul 2001

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Highclere and East Woodhay Branch of the North West Hants Conservatives held a barbecue at Penwood, with about 50 people present.
"When I spoke about the Leadership, there was widespread support for the view that we should all rally behind whoever wins. I reminded them that we had been round this course before - Whitelaw versus Thatcher, when people predicted difficulties. But we went on to win three elections and Willie Whitelaw became Margaret Thatcher's Deputy. Likewise when Michael Heseltine challenged John Major, people predicted a split, but we went on to win the 1992 election and Michael became John's deputy. So history tells us that these Leadership elections can strengthen not weaken the Party."
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Next news: Testbourne School holds Summer Fete

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