Sherborne St John residents protest about flooding measures
23 Jul 2001

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Concerned residents from Vidlers Farm in Sherborne St John came to a public meeting convened by Cllr John Leek, (centre at table), and attended by County Councillor Anna McNair-Scott (right) and a representative from the Housing Association who built the properties nearly 10 years ago, Oakfern Housing.

“The residents are concerned because their homes are given some protection from flooding by a bund – a raised piece of land – which Hampshire County Council now want removed or lowered. If this happens, the flooding which recently took place would be far worse if it re-occurred.”

Hampshire County Council are concerned that the bund – built without their apparent approval – causes flooding elsewhere, but this is challenged. At the meeting, Sir George said he would write to the Chief Executive of Hampshire County Council, asking him not to take any action to enforce changes to the bund while discussions took place with Oakfern about drainage.

“I hope this can be resolved amicably and quickly.”

Text of email sent to the Chief Executive of Hampshire County Council the following morning follows.

"I attended a public meeting yesterday evening, chaired by Cllr John Leek and attended by County Cllr Anna McNair Scott, to discuss the request from Hampshire County Council to Oakfern Housing to remove a bund on County Council land, which protects the development at Vidlers Farm from flooding.
Your officers will brief you on the background; but this request has caused deep dismay on the part of my constituents who live at Vidlers Farm who will be exposed to greater risks from flooding than they are at the moment. They do not accept that the case for removal or lowering has been made and, listening to the exchange at the meeting, it struck me that this was not the best way forward.
Could I ask you to suspend the request to remove the bund while further discussions take place with Oakfern?
Best wishes, George Young"
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