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28 Jul 2001

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Extract from programme notes about St Mary Bourne Flower Show and Fete.

Many of our Flower Show visitors live here or will already know St. Mary Bourne well and we hope that they will all enjoy the afternoon with us - but these notes are really for those who do not know the village. Most of us who live here believe, we are sure, that we are most fortunate to be in a ‘real’ village where newcomers are made very welcome by those who have been living here for a long time, and perhaps for generations.
Both St. Peter’s Church, and the local Primary School,play a leading part in encouraging a community spirit, giving a wide cross section of the village a sense of ‘togetherness’ - although it should not be suggested that we are without any of the problems which can make village life ‘interesting’! But these are relatively minor. The cricket, football and
bowling clubs make full use of the excellent Recreation Ground on which our event is staged and we would urge everyone to visit our recently rebuilt Village Centre hall to see what a village with 1200 adult inhabitants can fund, build and equip to a high standard in 4 years (1989-1993), and open without owing a penny. Visitors should also be impressed by
the new bowling green which will enable the old green to be redeveloped for other sporting purposes.
The range of organisations and activities within the village give anyone who wishes an opportunity to participate or organise, or both. New activities such as the short mat bowls and badminton played in the Village Centre cater for all ages and are proving to be very popular. We have a variety of public houses, four in all, which are very different but which between them will certainly cater for most tastes when it comes to drinking and dining out.
The year 2001 will also see the construction of a new Village Community Shop and Post Office adjacent to the Village Centre car park .
For those who have not been here before, do walk up the hill to look down on the village, or take a stroll along the village street or Bourne Rivulet, which this season started to flow as early as October last year, and perhaps visit our lovely old church or one of the pubs. We are sure that you will be made very welcome.

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