Winton Branch hold Barbecue
5 Aug 2001

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Winton Branch Conservatives held their Summer Barbecue at the home of Jock and Marion Kerley, with Cllrs David Kirk and Alan Smith cooking the meat, helped by David's son Alex.

Speaking at the event, Sir George said that the process of chosing a new Leader was a far more democratic one than that of the Labour Party. "We have one member one vote, whereas they have an electoral college, giving disproportionate influence to the Trade Unions."
Sir George said that a number of high profile Conservative spokesmen were likely to retire from the front bench, giving an opportunity to bring forward fresh faces. "We know that William Hague, Michael Portillo, Francis Maude, Angela Browning and James Arbuthnot are likely to retire to the back benches. As the Government begins to show signs of fatigue, this gives us a chance to bring forward new people to hold the Government to account."
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