Andover Retailers win Quality Awards
6 Aug 2001

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At a Quality Award Presentation evening at the Grosvenor Hotel, Stockbridge, 10 Andover Retailers were presented with their certificates by the Deputy Mayor of Test Valley, Cllr Gentle.
"Over 64 retailers entered into this event, and they were visited by a mystery shopper to test the quality of the retail experience. I was delighted that Solitaire, Hargreave Sport, Dawkins Pet Supplies, Poppies Babywear, Safeways, Woolworths, Class Costumes Party Zone, Marks and Spencer and Julioan Graves all sailed through. I strongly support any initiative that drives up the attraction of shopping in Andover."
Sir George is with the Deputy Mayor, and Mary Pinner and Kathie Leake of Safeway, with their certificate.
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