Ken Clarke's campaign comes to North West Hampshire
20 Aug 2001

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Ken Clarke relaxes with local Conservatives, after addressing a campaign meeting in the Goodwood Suite at Thruxton Airfield.

At the invitation of Henry Pelham, the owner of Thruxton Airfield, North West Hampshire Conservatives held a meeting at which members could listen to Ken Clarke and ask him questions. The Conservative Association has offered a similar meeting to Iain Duncan Smith.

The meeting was hosted by Stafford Trendall, Deputy Chairman of the Association, and chaired by Sir George, who introduced Ken Clarke and invited questions.

"It was a well attended meeting, with about 150 people present. There was a very good atmosphere, although not everyone there will vote for Ken. There was an appetite for unity; and for attacking the Labour Government. Ken was questioned closely on Europe - as I think he expected - but there were also questions about health and local government. Meetings of this type were very common in the past, but are not held very often nowadays. This is a pity, as everyone enjoyed it. One can get the views of the candidate direct, within it being "laundered" by the media."
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