Sir George debates Leadership contest with Duncan-Smith supporter
27 Aug 2001

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Sir George spent part of the Bank Holiday near Charlbury in Oxfordshire, in the Witney constituency of David Cameron MP. He was putting forward the case for supporting Ken Clarke in the Leadership Election while John Bercow, MP for Buckingham, put forward the case for Iain Duncan Smith.

"It was impressive that well over 100 people came to this meeting, many genuinely not making up their minds until they had heard both sides of the case.
My case was that Ken Clarke was more likely to lead the party to victory, while John argued that Iain was better placed to unite the party. There was a civilised exchange of views, with both of us stressing the importance of rallying behind the man who wins."

Sir George said that, over the past few days, there had been discussion about how best to expel people from the party. "We must move this debate on; we should be discussing how we attract people to the party; how we strengthen and rebuild it; and how we ensure that it is not a party which groups on the fringe of British politics want to infiltrate."
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