Highclere and East Woodhay Tories hold Winetasting
14 Sep 2001

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Guy Bursault of the Wine Connection in Calais (right) took Highclere Conservatives through a selection of his wines at a Winetasting Party held at the home of Jane de Salis in East Woodhay.
"This has become a very popular event and the function was very well attended. Congratulations to John Izett (left) for organising it."

Sir George spoke about the debate in the House that day on terrorism in America. "I felt that one of the most interesting speeches came from Jack Straw, who asked some basic questions about how terrorists operate. Who looks after their bank accounts, for example. I was impressed by the unanimity in the House, but worried that the rhetoric in America is getting ahead of what can be achieved. Can we really defeat terrorism?. Iain Duncan Smith did very well in his first appearance as Leader of the Opposition. He was confident and composed, although he had very little time to prepare for the occasion."
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Next news: Andover wins Station of the Year Award

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