Round the World Yachtsman opens Testway House
27 Sep 2001

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Pete Goss MBE opened Testway House - the new Headquarters of Testway Housing - who have taken on the housing stock from Test Valley Borough Council. They are independent of the local authority, and are run by a board that contains tenant representatives and business people.

About Pete Goss MBE
Pete Goss is the ultimate competitor, whose outstanding ‘can do’ philosophy, combined with his limitless courage to overcome all the risks and dangers became abundantly clear in the world’s toughest yacht race,
‘The Vendee Globe non-stop, single-handed Round the World Race”. His vision and ten-year dream in the making, resulted in him setting off from France in November 1996, in a race that would test him, his team and the boat to the absolute limit.
Up against bigger boats, and far better funded competitors, Pete had to risk everything just to get to the starting line. Having had to sell his house and with debts round his neck, he knew that he would have to draw upon all his experience, endurance and strength of mind just to complete the race.
Then quite unexpectedly in December the drama of the race unfolded in the notorious hostile environment of the southern ocean.
The world looked on as huge seas and winds of up to 80mph pounded Raphael Dinelli’s stricken boat; he was facing certain death. After receiving the distress call, Pete immediately turned his boat around and battled for two days against hurricane force winds to reach Dinelli and rescue him - the rest is now history.
For his heroic rescue of Dinelli, he was awarded France’s highest decoration, the Legion d’Honneur by President Chirac of France, and the MBE by Her Majesty the Queen.
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