Sir Christopher opens Festival of Flowers
27 Sep 2001

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Sir Christopher Bland, who lives nearby at Clanville, opened the Festival of Flowers at Shipton Bellinger Church. The Festival lasts until September 30th.
"The money raised will go towards floodlighting this lovely church, and I congratulate Mrs Smith and her team on the wonderful display in St Peters."

The theme of the Festival was "The History of the Village as in Olden Days."

A short History of St. Peter’s Church,
Shipton Bellinger.

Sometime about 220 years ago, disaster appears to have struck the Church. It seems probable that around 1775 - 1800 the Church’s roof, probably thatched, was destroyed by fire causing considerable damage to the tops of the walls and windows. Whatever the exact cause, the walls were lowered, the tops of the windows cut off and a ‘temporary’ roof put on, and it was left in this state for almost 100 years.
At the Restoration in 1879 every effort was made to copy the plan that existed before the disaster and the whole building was restored to its former glory. The project was started by the Rev. W. C. Baker in 1876/7 and was carried on with much energy by the next vicar, the Rev.J. E. Davies.
Great care was taken to copy the original plain wherever possible. The walls were raised to their former height, the windows tutored to their original form and a new roof put on. The outsides of the walls did not need much alteration but the inside was extensively repaired and newly plastered throughout.
The Victorians added a few touches of their own - namely the pews and the font and the beautiful wooden ceiling covering the nave.
Ingram Bellinger was Lord of the Manor of Shipton in 1297 and later gave his name to the Village, which is now known as Shipton Bellinger.

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