Sir George writes to Health Secretary on Basingstoke Hospital's Cash Crisis
12 Oct 2001

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Sir George Young, MP for North West Hants - which includes the North Hampshire Hospital at Basingstoke - has written to Alan Milburn about the cash crisis which has hit the Trust that runs the hospital.

"We know that this is a well-run operation, because only last month the Trust was awarded two stars in the NHS Performance Rating, out of a maximum of three. The fact that it is having to cut back on services is primarily due to the absurd formula which the Government uses to distribute NHS cash, which gives Hampshire much less money than it needs. This formula was criticised last year by an Independent Panel set up by the Government, but they have done nothing to change it. For every £100 per person that the average NHS Trust gets, North Hampshire get about £83. But, sadly, people in North Hampshire are not 17% healthier than average."

"This year, the Trust is getting more referrals from GP's; the number of outpatients waiting over 13 weeks for a first outpatient appointment is 277 over the planned number; and the Trust, last month, was heading for a £3 million deficit."

"To balance the books, they are having to cut services. I am writing to the Secretary of State, enclosing a copy of the front page of the Basingstoke Gazette, which details the £3.6 million cuts being taken to balance the books. These proposals are causing widespread dismay in my constituency. I have asked him how this can be reconciled with commitments given during the Election to put more resources into the NHS and bring us up to the level of spend in Europe. I have asked him to consider a one-off sum to help the Trust through this year; and to review the formula so we don't have the same problem again next year."
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Next news: Sir George visits Ladbrokes on Tax-Free Betting Day

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