Sir George and William Hague launch Commission to strengthen Parliament
29 Jul 1999
William Hague and the Shadow Leader of the House of Commons, Sir George
Young, launched the Conservative Party's Commission to Strengthen

"Under Labour Parliament has been continually sidelined and marginalised. Its
ability to keep an effective check on the Government of the day has been
undermined. This Commission will make recommendations to ensure that
Parliament can once again fulfil effectively its core functions."

The remit of the Commission being launched today is:
"To examine the cause of the decline in the effectiveness of
Parliament in holding the executive to account, and to make
proposals for strengthening democratic control over the
In addition, it will be asked to work up the details of William Hague's proposals
for the examination of English Bills in a post-devolutionary Parliament. The
work of the Commission will represent the first comprehensive study of
parliamentary reform in more than 20 years.
The Blair Government have consistently undermined the effectiveness of
Parliament. They have:

* prevented it giving proper consideration to Bills:

* cut Prime Minister's Question Time;

* made major policy announcements to the press before telling the House of

* used referendums to sideline Parliament;

* jeopardised the authority of Parliament;

* received leaked reports from Select Committees;

* introduced reform of the House of Lords that will turn the Second Chamber
into an appointed House of Cronies.

The Conservative Party believes that good government needs an effective
Parliament. Governments are elected through, and derive their authority from, the
House of Commons. By undermining the House of Commons, Labour are in
danger of undermining the authority of government itself.

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