Farmers' Market returns to Andover
21 Oct 2001

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The monthly Farmers' Market took place in Andover High St, and the Youngs stocked up with sprouts and bread.

"These markets, which started last year, have made the transition from a one-off novelty to an established and regular event. People know when the next one is due, and they adjust their buying habits to take advantage of them. The market also helps some of the other shops and pubs in the Town Centre by attracting business on a Sunday.

The stall holders seem well-satisfied, and I know of at least one for whom these markets have been a lifeline during the crisis confronting farmers.

They are also something of a social as well as a retail experience, bringing the people of Andover and the surrounding villages together in a popular open market."
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Next news: Winton branch Conservatives hold Thai dinner

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