Sir George attends Ecophon seminar
30 Oct 2001
Sir George talks to David Whittingham
Sir George talks to David Whittingham
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Sir George talks to David Whittingham, the Concept Development Manager of Saint-Gobain Ecophon Limited, who are based at the Old Brick Kiln, Ramsdell, in Sir George's North West Hants constituency.

They are manufacturers of acoustic tiles.

This is an extract from the invitation to the Seminar.

"The quality of formal and informal education has a drastic impact on peoples lives. In order to provide the highest possible teaching standards, the education sector has always been evolving and adapting.
It is ironic, however, that as part of our ongoing drive to improve educational standards for all, little attention has been given to the integral elements of the indoor learning environment such as sound, light and thermal climate.
The environment in which we study can be as important to the facilitation of learning as the content and presentation of the subject mcitter itself. Lack of consideration to these elements can have a significantly detrimental effect on both the learning process and the health of teachers and pupils.
On Wednesday, October 30th at One Great George Street, Godfrey Mitchell Theatre, Westminster, London, the next in a series of seminars that will examine the modern learning environment will continue. Bringing together professionals and experts working within the educational environment, these seminars will create an independent networking platformwhere ideas and knowledge can be exchanged.
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