Canine Partners for Independence come to House of Commons
14 Nov 2001
Sir George  with Moira and Harley
Sir George with Moira and Harley
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CPI is a charity that trains dogs, mostly Golden Retrievers and Labradors, to help severely disabled people. CPI dogs can respond to over 90 verbal commands and can open and shut doors, swight lights on and off and draw the curtains; call a lift and press a pedestrian crossing button; and with some undressing (jacket, gloves, hat socks etc.)

Sir George talked to Moira and met Harley

"He has added zest and interest to my life" said Moira.
Moira has had Multiple Sclerosis for over 15 years and gets fatigued doing even the simplest tasks. She uses a wheelchair all the time. Her four-legged carer came into her life in March 2000. Harley has
enriched Moira's life immeasurably. He is a very willing, friendly and beautiful chocolate Labrador.
Having Harley around has eased the stress on Moira's husband who works long hours and was previously also keeping an eye on Moira. Harley has added zest and interest to Moira's life; she now goes out much more and also attends events and talks on behalf of CPI. As Moira says, "Harley gives me a reason to carry on."

CPI is a charity totally reliant on public gifts and donations, and receives no Government support.
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